Popular with the Girls


“He seems to be popular with the girls, because he’s… groovy?”

One part typography and two parts nostalgia, this replica of the original Earthbound dialog box is available as a magnet for your fridge, a pin for your shirt or backpack, or with a blank back so you can affix it as you please.

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The Earthbound dialog box design has been carefully recreated with an accurate square pixel aspect ratio, smoothed rounded corners, and typography hand-traced from the game’s bitmap font. Special attention has been paid to typography: line breaks are maintained and tracking and kerning match the original presentation exactly. A tiny prompt arrow forever suggests that there’s more to be said.

The design is laser-engraved and cut out of 1/16″ thick acrylic, and measures approximately 1″ tall by 2 1/4″ wide. The text and border are etched out of the black surface layer, and a sturdy magnet or pin fit on the back.